Bulging Discs Explained

bulging disc vertebraecross

bulging disc can occur for many reasons, but for the most part people who suffer pain from a bulging disc don’t really care how they got it, they simply need to ease the pain and return to life.

Where does the pain come from?
The pain comes from part of the disc touching the nerve that runs down the leg. It is this bulging disc that comes in contact with the nerve that runs down the leg and creates inflammation. This is felt as pain, and is sometimes called sciatica.

How does the disc come in contact with the nerve?
There are many reasons, but generally speaking the spine has been under some pressure and the disc simply gives way, the inner disc material protrudes outside of the disc, or it pushes into the outer layers of the disc which creates the bulge.

What can create pressure on a vertebral disc?
Heavy lifting (irrespective of lifting posture)
Bending/seating with sustained poor posture
The list goes on…

What can be done?
Well… surgery is an option but not a preferred one.
“Flexion Distraction Decompression” is the latest non surgical approach to bulging discs. A negative pressure is preformed within the disc causing it to retract back and remove the pressure from the nerve. Special tables and equipment are used to achieve this goal.

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